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Pietà-Andres Serrano-1

Pieta is part of the Holy Works series by Serrano. From the very beginning of his artistic career, sacred icons were among key elements in his work, which comes as a result of artist's own religious reflections. Serrano is known for the use of unconventional medium and challenging imagery as in his famous Piss Christ. Through his photographs Serrano often reconciles the sacred and the profane. Holy Works series present a new development in Serrano's work, where he set off to explore the language of the silhouette. Drawn to the aesthetics of Renaissance art, in Pieta Serrano refers to Michelangelo's sculpture as his subject. The figure in the center is not given light, only the background is illuminated, thus there is only the silhouette of what is meant to be the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the Crucifixion. This print comes together with a Collector's Edition.

“ There is only one thing that I am looking for – Beauty. „

Andres Serrano