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Together-Antony Gormley-1

Antony Gormley’s remarkable drawings are more about the feeling of being inside the body than its appearance from outside. They express physical and spiritual experiences of what it is like to be a human being in the world, with fear and loneliness as well as joy and sharing. Together is an image of community at a time when we are all experiencing isolation, and a representation of the reunions with loved ones that we all fervently hope may soon be possible.

“ These open silhouettes suggest human spaces in space. They touch each other – the touch of others, so important to us, is denied during this time of isolation. This work was made as a single puddle of coffee. It runs through the bodies and, like blood, pools, coagulates and dries. This time of enforced isolation has also been one of inspired and connected care: unity in separateness […] We are part of a united system of life, we are together. „

Antony Gormley