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Grib (Portfolio of 3)-Bernar Venet-1

Bernar Venet is a conceptual artist best known for his curved, mathematically precise metal sculptures, and for his experimentation with media including drawing, paintings, prints, sculpture, installations, design, music and musical composition. In the middle of the 1970ies he made the line the central subject of his work. Whereas in a scientific context a line is a clearly defined geometric form, Bernar Venet used this simple geometric form to demonstrate divergent concepts. The idea behind the works is a combination of mathematics and the movement of the hand, which has been the main theme of the artist’s works for decades. The etchings placed on the wall are reminiscent of new types of forms: because of their lines and movements, they indeed appear as three-dimensional graffiti.

“ To be an artist is to ask questions about the very nature of art, to have a creative activity that allows one to ask these questions. „

Bernar Venet