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Two Indeterminate Lines (Portfolio of 3)-Bernar Venet-1

Bernar Venet is a conceptual artist best known for his resourcefulness in a variety of media including drawing, paintings, prints, sculpture, installations, design, music and musical composition, and for his wide range of expression. In the middle of the 1970ies he made the line the central subject of his work. Whereas in a scientific context a line is a clearly defined geometric form, Bernar Venet used this simple geometric form to demonstrate divergent concepts. The present portfolio “Two Indeterminate Lines” consists of three etchings showing the particular importance of the line for the artist. The line is not simply a line, in fact it seems to move, and it looks like a three- dimensional, instable figure. It essentially forces the viewer to follow its course in search for the beginning and the end. But this is impossible; the lines cannot be discerned individually, instead they form the complex and coherent composition of the art work. In those etchings, Bernar Venet masterly illustrates his idea of transposing mathematical concepts and scientific theories into the realm.

“ My sculpture is based on concepts that appear to be divergent […]: order and disorder, the determinate and indeterminate. „

Bernar Venet