Artwork Media

Deutsch Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf is part of a project called "In Portugal", which the artist realized between 2005 and 2006. The series consist of a selection of photographs taken in public sites throughout the Iberian country. Typical of Candida Höfer, the artist has photographed empty interiors of libraries, museums, palaces and theaters, focusing on the cultural spaces free from human presence. The self-imposed subject restrictions evident in her project are both cultural and formal in nature. The Baroque, modern and contemporary interiors Höfer captures through her lens provide “formal portrait of the social itself,” as it has been defined in Europe since the Enlightenment.

Spaces may or may not invite the image—if they do, they mostly do it with their spatial layers of time… It is then the image that takes the place of the space; the image in its own right.

Candida Höfer