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Cyril's Bay-Peter Doig-1

Drawing on personal memories and photographic imagery, Doig explores the slippage between reality, imagination and memory through painting. The material properties of paint and expressive possibilities of color thereby serve to approximate the foggy, inarticulate sensation of remembering. Within an oeuvre of half-remembered landscapes and images, veiled by time and distance, the canoe is one of Doig's most powerful symbols.  Cyril’s Bay, 2008 is an enchanting example of a subject which has preoccupied Peter Doig for more than 20 years. It depicts a canoe above a glassy surface of a pool of water and serves as a clear form amidst an indistinct foreground. The color palette of soft blue, icy white and pastel greens is reminiscent of the Trinidadian secluded gem of Cyril’s Bay.

“ The photos I use aren’t always that interesting or distinguished. That’s deliberate – I like the fact they’re bland: they leave a lot of space for invention. Painting is about working your way across the surface, getting lost in it … It’s about the idea of getting absorbed into them, so you get physically lost. „

Peter Doig