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Godless-Damien Hirst-1

This medicine cabinet, part of the Utopia series, with its technical flawness, serves as a shrine to modern pharmaceuticals, arising a discussion on Hirst´s often postulated parallel between medicine and art. It intends to provoke a critical dialogue questioning people´s completely reliance on medicaments and their power to heel and human aspiration to live forever. However the question is: can drugs cure this problem, or can art? In this Chromogenic Color Print representing one of Damien Hirst’s signature ‘Medicine Cabinets’ the viewer is confronted with an art crafted cabinet contains pharmaceuticals, arranged to convey a sense of antiseptic orderliness, which discloses an unmistakable pharmaceutical aesthetic. Damien Hirst has been investigating the relationship between medicine and art since 1989 when he submitted a suite of twelve cabinets as his thesis at Goldsmith’s College of Art in London.

“ I cannot understand why some people believe completely in medicine and not in art, without questioning either. „

Damien Hirst