Gold Tears-Damien Hirst-1

Gold Tears is part of the "Utopia" series and together with other Hirst's prints forms a theme for Hirst's ongoing exploration of the role of science and religion in human life. The works from the "Utopia" series represent the human pursuit of the ideal and expose the intrinsic flaws of the nature of this pursuit. This work depicts rows of shiny diamonds on golden foil covered shelves in front of a golden-beige background, making the image of a blazing vision of golden light, a symbol for the glorious eternity diamonds are so often associated with. But as always in Hirst’s art, the ambiguity is obvious. As much as diamonds stand both for eternity and for a melancholic realization that loss is always a part of eternity, Hirst’s artwork points to the fact that behind all the shiny glittery surfaces there might be nothing, no meaning and no soul. And hence all eternity is less a promise rather than a condemnation.

“ It’s like God should be, the way they sell you the pills, the forms, the utopia, the hope, the cure. We’ve come a long way since quack doctors. „

Damien Hirst