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Providence-Damien Hirst-1

Providence is a new variation of one of the Hirst's signature motifs - the butterfly. As a meticulous collector, here he juxtaposes the colorful insect against a contrasting black background. Better than any other motif, the butterfly encapsulates all the existential notions that Damien Hirst has called into question for so many years, minimizing the boundaries between life and death, eternity and the ephemeral and beauty and ugliness. Butterflies became one of the most important themes in Hirst's art, thus significantly contributing to his oeuvre. By drawing towards the symbolism of the butterfly with its luminous blue scales on the wings, Hirst is akin to artists from the ancient Egypt and Renaissance, who also were mesmerized by these insects. The image of the butterfly is so powerful and is ever-present in the human consciousness.

“ I love butterflies because when they are dead they look alive. „

Damien Hirst