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Rocks-Damien Hirst-1

"Rocks" consists of a grid of photographic images of rocks against a salmon pink background. It has been partially varnished so that the background is glossy and the rocks are matt. Hirst bought the stones on the King's Road in London and laid them on a sheet of pink paper in a form which reminded him of an illustration from a school geography text book. "Rocks" is to be connected with Hirst´s interest in ‘Entomology Cabinets’ , a Victorian modes of display the curiosities that were popular in the nineteenth century. This collection of gems on a pink background is a Cabinets in itself of natural specimens which attract the artist´s imagination.

“ I knew about wonder and amazement from visiting this museum and without snobbery it brings the world to people who – for whatever reasons – can’t travel the world… I want to make art that touches people in a real way. „

Damien Hirst