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Brown Rose-Donald Baechler-1

A renowned figurative artist who emerged from the East Village art scene in the 1980s in New York, Donald Baechler´s works depict simple everyday objects that allude to the cultural symbolism of nostalgia and cliché. Reminiscent of Jean Dubuffet, Baechler´s works are filled with an approach of sincerity and innocence throughout his subject matter. The voluptuous rose is a prominent motif in Baechler's work vocabulary. A subject that is recognized by the masses, Baechler places his subject in isolation which becomes an iconic emblem for love, passion, sexuality, and mortality. The origin of this rose, however, does not come from nature. But, from the artist´s personal photographic archive of rose tattoos, which he has been photographing for years. Looking at Baechler´s thornless Rose series, one may be reminded of Gertrude Stein´s quote “a rose is a rose is a rose” its beauty, simplicity, and pop-ness.

“ I am interested in a sort of suspension of meaning in the pictures. „

Donald Baechler