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Orange Rose-Donald Baechler-1

Described by some as a faux-naif and faux-noir artist, Donald Baechler´s work is far more complex. Baechler is an artist concerned with form and emphasizes the importance of the line and balance. Using a universal visual vocabulary (such as flowers, roses, skulls, ice creams), his work is renowned for its flatness and simple execution, reminiscent of Andy Warhol´s Pop and clean lines, Jasper Jones´s bold colours, Robert Rauschenberg´s collaging and Jean Dubuffet´s simplicity. The voluptuous rose is a prominent motif in Baechler's artistic vocabulary and a universal iconography. Placing the thorn-less rose in the center, it emphasizes its dominance and extend a message for love, passion, sexuality, and mortality. The depiction of the rose is drawn in a comic style. It is good to keep in mind that the rose is not supposed to be in connotation as a still-life (drawn from nature), however, this execution is based on photographs of rose tattoos, that the artist has photographed for many years. This rose acts as an object that alludes to the cultural symbolism of nostalgia and cliché. Baechler is an artist that finds inspiration from “things I find on the street, or things drawn on toilet walls, or thing drawn by someone in a bar”.

“ My work to a certain extent is absolutely about other pictures the world of existing imagery. „

Donald Baechler