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Yellow Rose-Donald Baechler-1

The American artist Donald Baechler is renowned for his figurative work prominently in the Neo-Expressionist and Pop Art movements during the 1980s. His bold and clean iconographic depictions of universal subjects; such as flowers, birds, and ice cream cones, create a feeling of memory without becoming an illustration or cartoon. Baechler´s complex work is renowned for its flatness and simple execution, reminiscent of Andy Warhol´s Pop and clean lines, Jasper Jones´s bold colours, Robert Rauschenberg´s collaging and Jean Dubuffet´s simplicity. With the Rose series, Bechler explores the subject of femininity, sexuality, and love through the depiction of a singular rose, centered in the silkscreen edition. Painted in a cartoon-style, this voluptuous and thorn-less rose was originally based on a photograph of a rose tattoo, that the artist photographed prior. Looking at this Yellow Rose silkscreen, one can only think of Gertrude Stein´s quote “a rose is a rose is a rose”, the beauty, simplicity, and pop-ness.

“ I love gluing things together. It is a deeply satisfying process, and it is a very different impulse than just making a drawing. It becomes a kind of sculptural thing. „

Donald Baechler