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Blue Poppies-Donald Sultan-1

"Blue Poppies" is a sculpture of painted aluminum on polished aluminum base, belonging to Sultan’s famous Flower series. The artist is credited for the revival of the still life tradition where the image is deconstructed to the basic elements, thus Sultan’s work remains both abstract and representational. Sultan has revisited and reinvented the still-life with images of lemons, poppies, playing cards, fruits and flowers, and other objects. Interested in contrast, he explores such dichotomies as beauty and roughness, nature and artificiality, and realism and abstraction. His floral bouquets, fruit still lifes and landscapes fill with an impressive monumentality the space.

“ My paintings are not really so much about walnuts (or lemons, etc.) as they are about working on the image, making it look like the thing so much that it's abstracted. „

Donald Sultan