Artwork Media

Scottish artist Douglas Gordon (b. 1966) investigates time, mortality, collective memory, and identity through photography, installations, video art, as well as sculpture and texts. By exploring a variety of mediums and art forms, Gordon readjusts scenes, tinkers with time, and appropriates cultural sources. Skulls are a recurring subject in Gorgon´s production: for several years, the artist has been collecting skulls, into which he has five-pointed stars incised for each year of his life. Taken from Re-Object/Mythos, a portfolio of 6, Fourty is a photograph on baryta paper with cut-out holes, mounted on acrylic mirror. The work depicts a skull incised with forty stars, one for each year of the artist’s life at the time of its creation. The cutout eyes disclose a mirror, transforming the photograph into a contemporary memento mori which eerily embraces the viewer.

If you want to find the truth in something, take it apart piece by piece, then put it back together with the detail of a forensic scientist.

Douglas Gordon