Weng Contemporary


Hollywood-Gary Simmons-1

This is a representative bicolor work, the red of the metal plate in contrast to white chalk. He refers once again to American icons, in this case, one of the best known, the letters of Hollywood. Using his technical feature of “erasure drawings” creates an apocalyptic landscape giving sensation of a lonely atmosphere, the letters have a ghostly appearance even as they're burning. It is a work that perfectly defines both the pictorial style as thematic of the artist. Simmons’ dramatically monochromatic Hollywood signs on fire has a sort of animation in itself, with its wisps of ethereal smoke, which underscores the instability and vulnerability of West cultural foundation. Part of the "Smoke" series, which took its inspiration from the film Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, this print communicates the artist´s impossible mission of ridding stereotypes in society, as "erasure" represents evidence that the viewer almost never sees.

“ I am concerned with figuring absence, with negotiating between the static vocabulary of race, gender, and class stereotype and the invisibility of the dimension of human history in the objects i create. „

Gary Simmons