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Una's Haus-Imi Knoebel-1

Revered for his minimalist and reductionist influences, Knoebel explores the interplay of colors as structured forms. This relationship between the different shapes and colors emphasizes both contrast and precision and allow the artist to solidify the emotions he arouses in the viewer through his deceptively simplified style. His unique and impeccable style has been defined by the recurring “Messerschnitt” or “knife cuts” that produce abstractly expressive shapes. The response to his art is intensified by rich colour which often overrides the simplicity of the forms. Simultaneously, Knoebel succeeds in creating a dialogue between painting and sculpture with the flow of his brushstroke visible across the surface of his minimalist arrangements. Frequently working in groups or series, Knoebel revisits certain themes and materials time and again at different points in his career, as in the case of Una´s Haus, which follows in the artist´s exploration of architectural concerns.

“ I don’t want to enter into [an] abstraction, into true non-representationalism. „

Imi Knoebel