Balloon Animals (Collector´s Set)-Jeff Koons-1

We are thrilled to offer you an exclusive, limited edition, the Collector´s Set of the Balloon Animals. Incorporating the vocabulary of Jeff Koons´s iconic Celebration series; the Balloon Rabbit, Balloon Monkey, and Balloon Swan, that marked a spectacular new chapter in the artist´s oeuvre. The limited-edition, now in a matching edition number - only 40 editions created, touches on various important subjects of the history of art; such as the biblical creation, our anti-aging obsession, the memento mori, cheating death, as well as through its materiality; porcelain with chromatic coating. Koons democratizes porcelain, a material once used exclusively for kings, to the masses, and the reflection of the Balloon Animals adds elements of the Greek myth of Narcissus - "if you don´t move, nothing happens", as Koons has said. The six artwork figures presented as a set have been very successful and performed very well in the auction market. Last June, in 2019, it was first offered at the Dorotheum as a matching edition number set and it sold for $85,000. In 3 months another matching Collector´s Set was offered at Phillips, in New York, and the price it fetched was over $93,000 - a price increase of 10%. This year, in January 2020, another matching set was offered, at Phillips in London, and it sold for $100,000 – an almost 20% price increase in 6 months. It is interesting to notice that despite the geographic location; Vienna, New York, and London, these Jeff Koons Balloon Animals, in matching edition number, are very desirable and they have shown price appreciation in a very short amount of time.

“ I wanted to make something that would be more accessible to people because the stainless pieces weigh two-and-a-half tones, so it's difficult for the average person to have space for them. I wanted to maintain the relevance and the profoundness of the idea and to put it in a form that would communicate its reason for being. „

Jeff Koons