Split Rocker Vase-Jeff Koons-1

Split Rocker is a prime example of Koons‘ persistent fascination with dichotomies. A monstrous sculpture constructed from the halves of two toy rockers (a pony and a dinosaur), Split Rocker plays with the idea of the “split” and the irritation this hybrid figure causes. With a reference to both Cubist and Surrealist influences, the two non-congruent halves of the heads form a strange in-between shape with open spaces (= splits) that offer shifting perspectives and a dynamic form which celebrates the idea of irregularity. Signed and numbered on the box.

“ I was always intrigued by porcelain, by both the economic and the sexual aspect of the material. Porcelain was the emperor's material but today it has been democratized and everybody can enjoy porcelain. That's why for these qualities of its material being it is the reason I used it in the Banality series. I am really thrilled to be a part of the Bernardaud collection. „

Jeff Koons