Artwork Media

The street artist and photographer JR started out his artist practice in the streets of Paris. Using the pseudonym JR, the artist is keeping his identity hidden from the public. JR started working with the subject of the ballet dancer in 2014 through a collaboration with the New York City Ballet for their annual Art Series program. In the same year, in July, he completed a big mural titled Bird Ballerina at the container wall, in Le Havre, France, which was part of his Women are Heroes Project that was wheat-pasted on container ships, measuring 363-meters-long. Except for their gigantic form, the containers offer a unique atmosphere through their coloured blocks, some are faded and others more saturated, they extend an untold story of their countless trips throughout the world. One notices that the heroine is placed in a cell, just like a bird in a cage, trapped, hence the title Bird Ballerina. Based on that outdoor work, JR created his new edition In the Container Wall, Le Havre, France, 2014-2020 which is a photograph of the mural, turned into a limited edition print.