Artwork Media

This lithograph is a depiction of JR’s ephemeral installation at the Louvre Pyramid in Paris. Using anamorphic technique and with the help of 400 volunteers, this installation is considered to be JR’s largest pasting to date, of 2000 paper stripes, each 10 meters long that reveal the underground structure of the Louvre Pyramid. The installation was visible for 6 days in the end of March 2019. What is very characteristic of JR’s art is the impermanence nature of the project, which the only way that the installation is captured, is through the creation of this lithograph - commemorating its presence, as the sun dries the glue, and the people tearing the the fragile paper with every step.

I have a special story with the Louvre, three years ago I was invited to make the pyramid disappear. My only regret was that I couldn't involve the community, so this time we sent a call out online for volunteers to help us paste, and hundreds of people from all around the world signed up to come create an artwork they had no idea about.