Cherry Bobalink-Larry Poons-1

At the forefront of the avant-garde art scene Larry Poons electrifies the art world for over five decades. With his innovative colour explorations, the Japanese born Anglo-American artist continuous to work within a complex and fluid abstraction. Rich in colour and texture Cherry Bobalink is the latest print edition, which is based on a painting on wood in the artist's collection. Since the 1960s, Poons has been at the forefront of Abstract American painting with his monochrome spatial and chromatic paintings. In 1967, he began working on the ‘drip paintings’, creating monumental and energetically charged textured paintings, which recall the works of Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock.

“ What you forget and rediscover in a painting is the experience of light. You don't remember light. Short term you think you do, long term there is no remembrance of light, that's why the Cézanne is great today. You re-experience the light. You don't carry light around you in your head as a memory, the way we do other things. „

Larry Poons