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Canoe Island-Peter Doig-1

One can find a number of Peter Doig’s iconic motifs in Canoe Island: the long canoe with its simple shape inspired by the popular film "Friday the 13th", nature and exoticism with the image of an offshore island near Trinidad, a vague human form with the mysterious Christ-like and hippyesque silhouette of the rock star Berry Oakley. In this composition face remains deliberately unclear - the emphasis is on the dark water. An oneiric feeling emanates from this landscape, the solitary traveler in a pink canoe is apparently a castaway near a tropical island seen against a magical sky at sunset. Doig's art has a strong existential quality akin to Edward Munch, which comes as a reflection to his personal nomadic experience that lead him to questions such as "Why am I here?".

“ A sense of being attached to the earth, but only just, like in a dream. „

Peter Doig