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Imaginary Boys-Peter Doig-1

Inspired by Doig’s famous painting “Red Boat (Imaginary Boys) ”, this pigment print is as captivating as the original canvas. A read boat full of bleached-out figures of the boys tranquilly driving towards a beach with palm trees - the atmosphere is eerie, with light greyish colours and barely defined silhouettes. The “Read Boat” is a paradise with hidden dangers, “Imaginary Boys” is a no-man’s-land, a blurry landscape of the unconscious where the boundaries between dream and reality seem to fade. The Red Boat is the center of the composition, it may be the only secure place for the “Imaginary Boys”. The question is where it will lead them and what will happen then ... we will never know.

“ I’m questioning where I am in the world, where I live in the world, thinking about other people, thinking about their situations. I think what I am doing is important—not because painting is important. As an activity, it’s important to actually do something. I feel guilty if I’m not painting. „

Peter Doig