Portrait of a Self Portrait of a Self, as Marilyno-Douglas Gordon-1

Icons of the artist’s oeuvre are his Self-Portraits, where Gordon uses real flames to erode Hollywood paradigmatic figures, such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and James Dean. The fire corrodes specific elements of the represented characters, such as the eyes, noses and mouths. The remain untouched parts are then assembled on reflective, mirror-like surfaces, which denote Gordon’s interest in phenomenological experiences. The resulting surfaces details are the most compelling elements of these editions, where solidified drops meet the burnt areas, in a ambiguous encounter of elements. In an interview given to The Talks, Gordon jokingly admitted that he set his jeans on fire by accident during one of these burning sessions at Gagosian's in New York.

“ The idea of art is to be as free as possible. I am the least hippy person. I am an extremely hardcore dogmatic bastard, actually. But I retain the right to do whatever I want. „

Douglas Gordon