Artwork Media

Rachel Whiteread, along with seven other leading international artists, were asked to create a print to celebrate Tate Modern’s 21st anniversary. A third of the profits from the sale of each print will benefit Tate. Lauded British artist Rachel Whiteread is best known for her peculiarly poignant renderings of the negative space that invisibly occupies our architectural and domestic surroundings. One of her most well-known series of sculptures involves the casting of the underside of chairs which are installed in various configurations, including a shimmering grid of 100 multicoloured resin boxes which made up her installation 'Untitled (One Hundred Spaces)’ displayed in Tate Britain’s Duveen galleries in 2018. Her screenprint for Tate Modern 21 Years - '50 Spaces’ (2021) directly references this body of work, with each of the chair forms rendered in delicate, sometimes semi-transparent pastel inks.