Weng Contemporary


Crystal Chandelier-Robert Longo-1

Longo is best known for his hauntingly realistic works, which straddle a line between hyper-realistic and disturbingly surreal. Longo’s subject has always been power, his images characterized by frozen or extended time. The artist´s act of appropriating iconic images of esthetic power in his chiaroscuro, seemingly created out of shadow and light, captures here a wire armature of a baroque sort of chandelier dripping with prisms. What happens in his work refuses to resolve, as the viewer is attracted to this image representing an icon of the past, yet modernized by electricity.

“ I'm basically trying to understand abstraction and going back to this point in American history, which is the post-World War II euphoria of leaving behind Europe and trying to be free. Every aspect of the image is interesting to me to dissect and understand. „

Robert Longo