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Hell's Gate-Robert Longo-1

Longo’s drawings of massive thundering waves carry evocative names of renowned surfing beaches or surfing terms such as “Hell's Gate,” “Dragon’s Head,” and “Godzilla” and they represent, in their near to abstractions depictions, the moment of a tremendous surge of unleashed force. "Hell´s Gate" is part of the "Monsters" series, which represent awe-inspiring images rendered in the artist´s signature photo-realist aesthetic and velvety charcoal texture. Devoid of people, location and colour the image of the thundering wave combines sublimity and terror, depicting complex psychological states.

“ …the roses and the bombs and the waves are things that exist at the moment of their being: a bomb is meant to explode, a rose in born to bloom, a wave is destined to crash. They are at the moment of their fulfillment. „

Robert Longo