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Hercules-Robert Longo-1

This image of an atomic blast belongs to Longo’s “The Sickness of Reason” body of work. It is based on an archival photograph of the first Chinese hydrogen bomb test performed June 17, 1967. The “The Sickness of Reason” series was inspired by an encounter with his children, in which they mistook an image of an atomic blast for a weather phenomenon. Longo's elegant depiction of the looming mushroom cloud and the reality of what it signifies creates an elemental tension with this highly accomplished drawing. Hercules combines sublime beauty with raw and threatening physical power, creating a visual and narrative tension, which fluctuates between awe and fear.

“ The roses and the bombs and the waves are things that exist at the moment of their being: [...]They are at the moment of their fulfillment. „

Robert Longo