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Horsehead Nebula-Robert Longo-1

Like an Old Master draftsman, Longo achieves an extremely emotional range through his use of chiaroscuro. His Photorealist drawings are based on images borrowed from the world around him, being media containing a political and social statement, or nature and mysteries. "Horsehead Nebula" is a singular portrait of emotional and physical forces, which drive the viewer to freeze in front of the beauty of nature and its ungraspable manifestations. The beautiful horsehead-like formation of clouds of gas and dust that give the Horsehead Nebula its name take center stage in this amazing image. The nebula is located about 5,000 light years from Earth and reminds the viewer of the immensity of the universe and the human being´s position in it.

“ My drawings are like sculptures, when I draw with graphite I smudge it with my fingers, move it around physically, it's like clay. Painting is painting on the surface, covering up, where drawing is putting the picture into the paper like a photograph. „

Robert Longo