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Interior Apartment Front Door with Bars (Freud Cycle, 1938)-Robert Longo-1

Interior Apartment Front Door with Bars, 1938 comes from “The Freud Cycle” which is based on the photographs by Edmund Engleman of Sigmund Freud’s consultation room and adjacent apartment in Vienna, Austria, during May of 1938. A catalog of the photographs, titled "Bergasse 19", was was given to Longo by his friend Harry Jancovici. The images from the catalogue inspired Longo for his next work, which became, as he states, “a psychoanalysis of Freud’s apartment." Longo draw the attention to the absurdity of the historical events by emphasizing that Freud was working on his psychoanalysis during the time, when Nazis were in Vienna. The artist got absorbed by the black and white aesthetics of the images. Interior Apartment Front Door with Bars, 1938 is one of the results of his contemplation. This monochromatic iris print presents the eery atmosphere of the apartment, captivating by its sinister solitude.

“ The book, with its extraordinary photographs, sat around my studio and eventually insinuated itself into my consciousness, pushing me to take action. „

Robert Longo