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Small Earth-Robert Longo-1

Robert Longo became established for his precise photo-realistic drawings, under the influence of mass media playing a major role on his work. His portraits engrave a distinctive feature, which display a three-dimensional effect, as if they could pop off the page and enter physical space at any time. Contemplating the vastness of space, Robert Longo’s series "The outward and visible signs", to which this print belongs, continues his exploration of operatic themes. In this intensely drawn black and white image the Earth becomes a glowing ball of dust that seems to come out from the nowhere toward the astonished viewer, appealing to the sense of astonishment that human beings feel in front of the vastness of the universe.

“ I think I make art for brave eyes. I don't want to make art that will pat you on the back and tell you everything is going to be okay. I want to make something that's much more confronting. You don't look at it, it looks at you as much as you look at it. „

Robert Longo