Weng Contemporary


Stars-Ugo Rondinone-1

The vision of this vast space at dusk seems to come straight from a child’s imagination. Ugo Rondinone finds the perfect balance of white specks on impassive black backgrounds, horizons shattered by the intensity of the darkened volumes. The technique is unbearably simple yet the artist manages to capture the night and make its fantasies become tangible; the unknown, the emptiness, the space and the mystic echo of these magical and surreal “apparitions.” In a similar way to his large star paintings, he here manages to create a sense of silence. Even though his work can be linked to the world of esotericism, it still has a refreshing humorous side, just like in this ‘fabricated’ night.

“ My work is always very basic and almost childlike. It’s something people can really rely on. „

Ugo Rondinone